Troubleshooting Fixes to Resolve Common QuickBooks Problems

QuickBooks accounting software is a comprehensive solution for small to medium-sized business for managing their account-related tasks in a hassle-free manner. It can efficiently manage accounts, customer files, and office financial dealings.

Even you can save your money by eliminating the requirement of hiring an accountant or record keeper. You just know the simple tips and tactics to use this bookkeeping solution in a right manner.

For the instant tech support on the occasion of any troubles, you can also consult the QuickBooks customer service experts. Otherwise, you can also learn the following solutions to avoid and fix the QuickBooks issues.

Solution 1 – Simple Accounting Tips

QuickBooks bookkeeping software helps you monitor and manage the three kinds of assets, including Fixed, Current and Other. You can include the company buildings, land, and office equipment into the Fixes Assets. Current Assets are that your company currently has, such as cash in the bank, prepaid expenses and accounts receivable, and you will be able to convert them into money within the year. Other Assets are those that you can include in any of the above types.

Liabilities are termed as the debts that your company has to pay such as taxes, accounts payable and credit card balance. Liabilities have also been categorized into two parts Current Liabilities and Long-Term Liabilities. Those debts need to be paid off within the year are called Current, and those will be carried over into the following year are specified as Long-Term.

Solution 2 – Corrections for Journals and Accounts

Bookkeeping records are not always correct as you think. Sometimes, you will require making exemptions, corrections or remarks to the accounts. QuickBooks provides two different methods to correct the account and journal files.

Although journal entries include detailed information, you can still make corrections easier. Instead of the journal and account notation in vendor credits, customer credit notes, inventory changes, bank deposits and sales tax corrections, it’s advised to make corrections.

Solution 3 – Slow QuickBooks Speed

QuickBooks may run slowly if your system has not enough memory space. You can speed up your program by improving the available system memory to the 128 MB. However, if you’re using QB on the server, it requires the 512MB of memory to run efficiently.
To use QuickBooks on the workstation, you have to free up the memory space at least 256MB. You can also delete the additional QuickBooks-related tools like QB server, QB update, QBAgent, QB update, etc. to improve the speed. Disabling the Automatic Updates is also a helpful way to increase the speed of QuickBooks.

Solution 4 – QuickBooks and Windows Vista Problems

Though the QuickBooks 2007 version works efficiently on the Windows Vista, recent versions of the accounting program will either run faulty or not work at all. If you’re trying to run the latest QuickBooks version of the Vista computer and facing issues, then you can either revert to the QuickBooks 2007 or upgrade the Windows operating system to resolve the problems.

Solution 5 – Common QuickBooks Errors

You may face the QuickBooks C=342 error if you’re using the Windows XP operating system with the shortcut or executable file set to Compatibility Mode for another Windows version like 95. To resolve this error, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click on the QB desktop icon and choose the ‘Properties’ option, followed by the ‘Compatibility’ tab.

  2. Deselect the checkbox next to the option labeled as ‘Run in Compatibility Mode.’ Click the ‘OK’ button.

  3. If your clients or vendors seem missing from the list, click the ‘Edit’ menu in QuickBooks 2005 or older versions, or the ‘View’ menu in QuickBooks 2006 or later versions.

  4. Select the checkbox next to the ‘Pay to the Order’ option. Press the ‘Ctrl + L’ key. Choose the ‘Resort’ list from the Account menu.

  5. Choose the ‘File’ menu, and then the ‘Utilities,’ followed by the ‘Verify and Rebuild’ option. Then, you will be able to restore the backup and fix different kinds of issues like the missing files.

Other Considerations

However, if you’re still experiencing any difficulties in managing your business accounts and other financial dealings with the QuickBooks software, you can ask the technical assistance and other solutions from the professionals. The QuickBooks support phone number lets you instantly consult the experts and obtain the quick tips and fixes to resolve major QuickBooks problems.


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