Converting QuickBooks Mac Version to Windows

QuickBooks users are well aware with the concept of round tripping, which involves the conversion of QuickBooks for Mac Accounting Software to QuickBooks for Windows. Each of these programs makes use of a different type of database; specifically QuickBooks for Mac does not have an Accountant’s Copy feature. Therefore, round tripping is essential for the accountant so that he can make the requisite changes on the company file of a Mac client.

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Here is how QuickBooks is to be started for Mac:

  • A backup has to be saved to QuickBooks for Windows
  • The backup file is then transferred to the accountant and this is to be done using secure transfer method
  • All the requisite changes are made by the accountant and he makes use of QuickBooks Mac’s Copy Company File which he then transfers to the client
  • The backup is then restored by the client

At the same time, there are certain restrictions that apply to the process of round tripping. These are listed as follows:

  1. The QuickBooks for Mac Accounting Software and the accountant’s version for Windows should be the latest release of the same year. If versions of different years are used, there may be issues while updating your file.
  2. Once having made the backup for QuickBooks Windows, you should not upgrade it for Mac to newer year or newer release.
  3. The administrator password should be available for completion of roundtrip process.
  4. As long as the file is with the accountant, avoid entering data in the Mac file. The data will have to be reentered in the file once you get it back.
  5. Internal payroll is absent in Mac, which is the reason why payroll should not be processed in its Windows version file. It is so because all the data as well as settings related to payroll will be lost once the file is converted to Mac. In case, payroll is to be used in Windows, the service key is to be entered into the company file manually in the Windows version. A complete e-file setup will be required for e-filing and e-paying forms and taxes. You may need to avail QuickBooks windows support for the same.
  6. QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions or QBES cannot be round tripped because it cannot produce a backup.

Since the Mac version of QuickBooks does not have all the features of its Windows version, there is always loss of some data during the round tripping process. It is better to get professional guidance from QuickBooks helpline phone number, which can be done if you dial QuickBooks. Here, experts are available for round the clock support and troubleshooting.

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